​About Us

The Start-up Visa is a proud member of Manitoba Technology Accelerator, learn more about our organization

​About Us

​About Us


MTA is Manitoba’s premier technology commercialization organization focussing on helping disruptive technologies reach early customers and then scaling the business.  Our team has experienced success growing business ideas into global companies. MTA has recently expanded our service offering and expertise to provide international entrepreneurs an opportunity to move to Canada through the Start Up Visa (SUV) program. We have also empowered Canadian Entrepreneurs to expand internationally through the Western Canadian Incubator Alliance (WCAN).

The MTA Commercialization program is the leading business accelerator in Manitoba. It is designed for entrepreneurs with a scientific or technology oriented business idea or early-stage companies.

Our commercialization business provides assistance in terms of:

  • ​Business coaching, mentoring & active participation
  • ​Infrastructure
  • Business investing & financing

​Over the past 5 years, the program has delivered impressive aggregate results of company successes to the province of Manitoba, including:

  • ​Revenues of over $380 million dollars
  • ​Full-time employment of over 2,400 Manitobans
  • ​Investment of over $280 million dollars

Manitoba Technology Accelerator is a leading participant of the Start-up Visa Program of Canada. We offer this program which is designed for those looking to immigrate to Canada with their new or existing business. We offer help to those that are starting from back-of-the-napkin ideas all the way to businesses that are looking to grow in a new environments. The highlights of our assistance are providing:

  • ​Office Space
  • ​CEO Advisory
  • ​Networking
  • Work Permit
  • ​Permanent Residence

The SUV Program is an enterprise through the government, which means government requirements. For more information on the government side of the SUV Program, click here. If you think this is the right program for you, click here to explore our eligibility criteria and apply for the

​​The Western Canadian Incubator Alliance is a program that works with accelerators in Western Canada to identify medical technology start-ups interested in forming a Joint Venture in China. WCAN will assist Canadian start-ups in:

  1. 1
    ​Securing working capital
  2. 2
    ​Building a path to the Chinese market
  3. 3
    Creating a Joint Venture between your company and a network member of the WCAN program in China.